Any ideas on this "motor"?

Sense detected “Motor 2” the other day and I have no idea what it is. According to Sense it has only run last Friday and Saturday and it seems to run for very short periods of time. Here’s some of the details



I looked on the Power Meter and zoomed in as much as I can (this btw doesn’t work on the website version) and I can’t seem to find any “spikes” at all during those time frames either.

Looks a lot like my furnace condensate pump. It’s like a small sump pump that gets rid of the water condensing from the exhaust of my high efficiency furnace.

Interesting. My furnace hasn’t been on yet though (it’s still 80+ degrees here in Idaho).

AC condensate pump?

Finally figured this one out. It was my air compressor that I use in my garage for my nail gun, etc.

You are lucky. I am an amateur woodworker and in over 18 months Sense hasn’t found my tablesaw, jointer, planer, drum sander, drill press, radial saw, miter saw(s), and shaper…not to mention none of the hand tools like routers.

It hasn’t found any of my other power tools either despite me having used my table saw and chop saw quite regularly over the past 2-3 weeks. Most of my other tools are cordless and I’m not expecting any of the battery chargers to be detected any time soon either.

I think the only reason it found my air compressor is because I left it on for like 2 days, so it was firing up every 10-15 minutes or so for 5-10 seconds to keep pressure (it’s a small kinda crappy one) which probably was enough regular data for it to detect it.

With respect to those wood working tools, not sure how many folks are using this for the Sense team to build a signature database. The air compressor topping off might have been a pretty repetitive signature that could be seen. The other tools might have variations in duration that might make it difficult to isolate. Hopefully you start seeing some success soon.

Yeah I’m not expecting any of my other power tools to be detected anytime soon. They’re used too irregular to be detected I would think.

Sense found my shop vac and a power washer as Motors. Has not found my chop saw, but I haven’t used very often.

I was curious and looked it up. There are almost 20 million woodworkers, with an average of 7.5 power tools each, so it’s not a tiny group. In contrast, surveys show about 750,000 electric vehicles as of this spring.

That said, I’m sure that my woodshop uses lots less power annually than many of the other devices that Sense has yet to detect.

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I was surprised. Sense found the table saw relatively quickly. I dont use it very much but Sense also found my router. It hasnt found anything else like the air compressor, palm sander, or band saw.

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Very glad to hear that. I have two mysterious “motor” discoveries, and never thought about my tools. Perhaps.

Sense has found my miter saw pretty quickly, along with the shop vac. However, no table saw yet, which is a bit strange.

When I had a bathroom renovated this summer, Sense found all of the contractor’s tools pretty quickly. Unfortunately it took a long time to keep them permanently deleted.

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