Anyone know what this is?


I’ve been speculating that this could be the refrigerator. Thoughts? Its been on 11,189 times the past month and has an average run time of 50s.

It was detected as “Heat 1”. It also seems to be quiet in the evenings around 6pm - 10pm.

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Not a fridge. There’ve been a number of similar signatures posted, I think one of the more common answers is “something being charged.” Tablet, laptop, rechargeable tools, etc.


Likely something that is being used without being connected to the charger from 6-10pm. Tablet or laptop ? Or battery operated tool if you’re a hobbyist ?


Or you’re watching television from 6-10pm, creating a lot of background and, as a result, difficulty for Sense to see it running :wink:

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Thanks for the replies! The only items that I have which could potentially be charging are my two UPSs. I’ve already ruled out my laptop. Nothing else is really plugged in besides large appliances.

That 6pm - 10pm period is when I’m roughly home. There is a security system in the house with some motion and contact sensors. Could that be the culprit?


Seems like this is the crankcase heater on my ac compressor. Any suggestions on how this should be labeled in Sense?

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