Mystery heat device

I cannot figure out what this one is. It is identified as “Heat 5” and seems to run for 1-2 minutes, every 10 minutes, three or four times an hour. I thought it was my towel warmer at first, but it is unplugged right now and I’m still seeing it come on and go off. Can this be something plugged into a charger maybe? I eliminated my laptop charger, but I am at a loss for what else it might be. Incidentally, in the screen shot, the “Off for” field is wrong, because it just came on two minutes ago. Any ideas?

Looks like something pretty consistent like a charged device. Something similar was asked a couple of weeks ago - my thoughts were a light on a motion sensor, but I think it turned out to be a something being charged.

Thanks, I did see that one. The only difference was it was just labelled as a device, not heat so I wasn’t sure if a phone charger or something would show up like that. Also I think the wattage was much lower on that one than what mine is showing. I will have to hunt around but other than the cordless handset phones I have, I am not sure what else I have on a charger all the time.


I had a similar device that only ran for 1 minute that I could not figure out. It turned out to be the ice maker motor pushing the ice cubes out the freezing trays into the ice bin.


That’s got to be more than a charger. Phone chargers draw mili amps; that thing is alomost 2 amps
If you zoom in, what does one cycle look like in detail?

It could be something like a recirculating pump, a laptop waking up to check email, etc. without the zoomed in minute it’s hard to tell.

Post a zoomed in picture.

Like this?

My God, I have like 6 mystery heat devices and I have no clue what want if them are… I have a couple that act like this, predictable on and off times…

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This looks like a fridge to me.
Power consumption, comparatively short spurts, and 24/7.
If your fridge is auto-de-icing you should also see another (15min) pattern that fits into the gaps every few hours or so.

That’s a small heater if it is a heater. It would need to be something small, like a coffee port warmer.

How often does it kick on.? Is it all day and night ?

Another possible item is an ice maker. Set your phone to push notify you when this device turns on. Next notification run to the freezer and listen and hear what your ice maker is doing. If the ice dumps right after the mystery heater shuts off, it’s the ice cube heater. Those are normally around 150W.


It could be the defroster I guess. It does happen all day and all night. I’d be surprised if it was the ice maker though because we don’t use much ice so it hardly ever dumps any. I’ll check next time it happens. Sense already found two things associated with my kitchen fridge but doesn’t seem to have found the garage fridge or mini fridge yet. And it just found another mystery heat device yesterday , but that one has not showed up as on yet so I have no idea what it might be.

ETA: Not the fridge in the kitchen or garage. I turned them both off while it was on and it didn’t go away. The snipe hunt continues