Anyone using powerline Ethernet adapters? Any interference?

As per the title, are any Sense users using any powerline Ethernet adapters in their house? If so, are you seeing any interference with Sense in any fashion?

We’re doing some renovations and I need to move a currently hardwired device somewhere where it won’t be hardwired anymore. And running new wire isn’t really possible - long story.

I’m considering going with a TPLink AV1000 kit to get a wired plug over powerline, but I’m left wondering it it’ll cause issues with the underlying Sense systems.

I have 2 on each of my 200A panels (each with a Sense). No issues

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The ones Powerline adapters dealt with were painfully slow and unreliable. I used them to “plug-in” someone’s desktop so they could work from home at the beginning of covid and their house didn’t have any sort of cat cables. A few weeks later I ended up using an older WiFi router and making it a bridge. Worked great and they had a few more LAN jacks in their home office.

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Thx all. Speed isn’t the utmost important thing for the application I need, and yes, I know they can be finicky - but some are better than others, and also considerations like making sure they‘renin the same phase as each other if at all possible is apparently helpful, etc. In short I think they’ll work for my application so long as they don’t mess with sense.

I use powerline ethernet networking on multiple connections in my 1960’s era house, no problems encountered.