Is there anyway to hardware the sense device to my cat6 network


Sense is connected to wifi…
Ever now and again, I get a message that it has gone off line.
Don’t know if its dropping the wifi connection?

My whole house is wired with cat6 (i hate wifi with a passion).
Can the sense device be hardwired?


No, it can’t.


If you have Cat6 run everywhere, just drop another AP in the garage. My media server closet is right next to my electrical panel in the garage … I added another AP just for the Sense and now I get a perfect signal …


And to give a little more context.

This comes up from time to time. I’m sure there are lots of reasons that Sense has not added the feature, but the easiest one that I can guess at is is that you cannot have line and low voltage cables in the same enclosure (generally speaking). So running an ethernet cable into your panel is a no no.
I guess an argument could be made that they could sell a model that has an ethernet jack and is designed specifically to be mounted outside of your panel, but as a start up, I assume keeping a single product is important, and more people have access to Wifi than they do ethernet drops in their basement.