Sense going offline with Google WiFi Mesh routers

Hi there, my sense is going offline about once per day. The weird thing is that my google WiFi mesh router (primary, wired one) is sitting about 3 feet away from my electrical box and the sense antenna.

Restarting that router node will bring sense back every time. I do not need to flip the breaker.

Any thoughts on how to make a more stable environment for sense? Seems very sensitive considering my other 2.4 ghz only smart home devices do not have the same issue.

I wonder if it’s trying to connect to a different access point? My Sense is about 15 feet away from my router, through our exterior stucco wall and a perimeter cinderblock wall. We only rarely have problems with dropped connections.

Also have Google WiFi… no issues here.

Thanks for the feedback. My google WiFi setup has two wired nodes and acting as multiple APs instead of mesh.

I’ll experiment this weekend and see if I can fix this.

I had a problem with multiple devices in my house using the same SSID. I ended up configuring another SSID on the closest access point just for sense. Haven’t had a problem dropping for that reason since.

I unfortunetly can’t pin a new or guest ssid to just one of the nodes in
the mesh network so I may need to introsuce on an old router :frowning:

Anyone know of a way to wire an ethernet plug instead of an antenna to the
sense unit?

Good question, @hawkinsjon, and definitely a feature request that our hardware team has on their radar.

There isn’t a way to connect ethernet to Sense, so the old router as a dedicated access point could be a good option.

Thinking more about your initial comment, it’s possible that having the mesh router that close to Sense is actually providing too much RF gain. Would it be possible to move the router away 5-10 feet (but preferably still within line-of-sight) to see if that helps?

Yes I can do that easily and appreciate the thoughtful suggestion!

re: the RF gain, I’ll report back after the weekend when I’ve had time to reconfigure.

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@BradAtSense your recommendation fixed my problem. Moved the node away and zero issues with connectivity! Before it had lost connection 2x per day. Thanks!

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Great news @hawkinsjon - glad it worked!

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