Continually going offline

I’ve been having an issue for the last couple of weeks that is driving me insane. My unit continually goes offline. I will get it reconnected via the app, but within an hour, I get a notification that it is offline and so I find myself repeating the process. I have tried rebooting my modem and router, flipping the breaker for sense to reboot it, adjusting the direction of the sense antenna, and even moving the wifi router closer to the unit. All without success.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, this problem was non-existent. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed in or around the house to interfere with the signal. The router is about 10 feet from Sense, separated by an exterior brick wall. Any suggestions on what to do at this point?? I’m at my wit’s end with this and can’t get any consistent data on things anymore.

You could try using a different wifi channel on your router. A neighbor’s wifi could be overpowering yours on the current channel.

Brick walls and Wi-Fi generally don’t make the best of friends, but if you were getting a sold connection prior, then that shouldn’t suddenly change things. I would do as @senseinaz suggests and try a different Wi-Fi channel. Definitely let us know what happens.

I was having a similar problem but was resolved. Originally, my router and Sense was 3 feet apart. When I moved the router about 20 feet away from Sense the offline problem stopped happening.

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It is definitely possible to have too strong of a Wi-Fi signal hitting Sense, but that doesn’t sound like the case here. Glad you were able to get yours working reliably.

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Thank you for the suggestions guys. When I went into the router settings to change the channel, I noticed it wasn’t set as b/g/n broadcasting but only one of them (b, g, or n… can’t remember which one). I simply switched it back to use all 3 and everything went back to normal. So far, it all seems to be back to normal again (4 days and counting without interruption).

I did do a channel sweep while messing with settings and it seems the channel we are on is not being used by anyone else in range, so we’re good in that department. Hopefully my router doesn’t randomly change anymore settings, lol.


Glad it’s working again!

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My Sense WiFi connection has been fairly reliable, being in the same service cabinet as my router/basestation, but it is in a very noisy EM environment, with noise levels sometimes approaching 20db of the signal level. I don’t have all the logging I would want, but today I saw 3 WiFi disconnects/reconnects with 2 in the space of an hour on my FingBox:

Wish I had signal strength info during this period, but I was away from home, so couldn’t chart. The nice thing about the FingBox is that it catches the disconnects within a minute or so, so one can do some diagnostic work. The disturbance was long enough to cause a break in data, maybe even starting before the 4:08 disconnect.


Interesting. Have you checked back since to see if the data backfilled?

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Just checked - no backfill this time.

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I will try changing my channels as well, but noticed since the last update I have been getting more and more offline notifications, nothing has changed as far as I can tell, I did a channel sweep and none of my neighbors show up as overlapping channels, it had been doing just fine up till the last firmware update.

Nothing in the firmware update should have affected your Wi-Fi connection. Let me know if the channel switch helps anything.

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Channel switch has seemed to fix the offline issues, have not gotten a notice since I did it a few weeks back.


Glad to hear it, Shawn.

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