Avid User Request for Improvement to dedicated circuit clamp leads

Who do I need to chat with at Sense to recommend an improvement to the dedicated circuit clamp leads? I’m a chief engineer and avid fan of Sense but have an issue that I have 2 panels. Based on routing wires and using the current dedicated clamp leads, I can only route to one panel. In that panel I really only have 1 circuit I want to monitor but can’t route the second clamp back to the main panel due to the pass thru connection tube diameter vs clamp size. If each clamp separately connected back to the single connection to the Sense device it would be awesome! I’d be willing to beta test! I have a circuit in my main panel I’d like to monitor but the one circuit in the sub panel (furnace/HVAC) is more important to me so 1 clamp sits unused. Let me know! I have lots of electrical wire lead experience in a previous job but would love to give feedback on this products improvement since I am daily checking on status (especially since my utility started peak hours rate today). Cheers! Sense has been instrumental in saving me dollars on usage since August 2020 after 2 years I continued to monitor reviews on how well it was working for the community.

Hi @norenlaw - I’d recommend creating this post in the Product Wishlist subforum to give other users a chance to upvote it.