Basic KP115 question - Can I use it to train Sense, then move it?

Trying to parse your words here. Telling Sense that “a Refrigerator” is plugged into the KP115 won’t stop double counting. Telling Sense that the device “Refrigerator 1” (or whatever you call it) is plugged into the KP115 will stop double counting - only the KP115 data will be registered.

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Thanks. I’m going to assume, though who knows , that the kp115’s data will be more accurate. So I’m going to let it double count- I assume that means sense is recognizing my refrigerator ‘through’ the plug? - and if I decide to keep the plug in the loop I should delete the refrigerator device found by Sense and just name what’s plugged into the kp115 refrigerator? Was actually thinking about taking the hs110 that my entertainment center is plugged into and using that for the refrigerator if I go that route but then that would be nice if you could delete the data off of the hs110 or migrate it to a new the kp115 which I would plug the entertainment center into.

There is a discrepancy though. Sense found my refrigerator about a year ago and it’s always been plugged in to an outlet without a smart plug. Now it’s plugged into one and the device ( fridge) found a year ago is reporting 145W currently and the smart plug is reporting 128W. So either the Sense app is including something else using around 17W as part of the fridge or the smart plug is under reporting by 17W

I don’t have enough experience with the KP115 yet to have an opinion, but my HS110’s have been VERY accurate and cross checked with both my two Kill-a-Watts.

I have not found Sense to be particularly accurate or consistent.

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The smartplug is going to be correct within a couple watts and will be stay correct if the power usage varies over time. Plus it will detect usage from multiple components within the fridge, beyond the compressor - the on/off of the fridge lights, defroster, fans, ice maker, etc.

Sense focuses in on on/off transitions of each component in a fridge. Each detection typically reflects just one component and usually attributes the on-power, which can overshoot, as the operating power of the device.


So I think I’m going to use my hs110 for the refrigerator even though I have 7 months of entertainment center data on it. The kp115 is a little smaller and slicker so would rather have that for the entertainment center and hide the bulky hs110 behind the fridge. Is there a way to delete the data on the hs110? I mean ideally I’d like to move it to my new kp115 but I doubt that’s possible

That shows the difference between Senses native power meter of my refrigerator compared to the hs110 , the more erratic one is the hs110

Thanks, think I’m going to take the hs110 from my entertainment center and use it for my refrigerator and use my new kp115 for my entertainment center

Smartplug histories stick with the individual smartplugs forever today, unless you want to erase all of them and reassign (turn off the TP-Link integration and back one again - It will warn you). That’s why I always recommend people trial major plug-in device in their house with a traveling HS110/KP115 before committing a smartplug to a particular appliance or device. I’m sure some day Sense will offer the ability to delete an individual smart plug’s history for repurposing. But remember that the smartplug is also collecting ground truth data for training, so whatever is done to manage histories has to also percolate into the Sense backend/ data center.

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I took some screenshots of a few months of data before I switched the plug location. I figure I’ll just pay attention to the usage from here on out. Seeing that smart plugs could die or a new better version comes out that would be a great feature.
So one last question, now that I plan running my refrigerator through the hs110 should I merge the old Sense refrigerator device or just delete it?

I have mixed feelings about deleting vs. merging when a device goes on a smartplug. I generally don’t delete, mostly because I think it’s helpful to Sense to keep that association between native detection and smartplug.

I was thinking merging would be more useful to Sense but as it is now I’m getting double reporting. I was just wondering if I merge the native detection with the smart plug will the usage from the plug be as accurate.

Justin, Thank you for the response. What I was thinking was that generally speaking there’s a lot of noise in the signal, lots of other devices that turn on/off all day long. I understand models need to be created manually ( the reality about Artificial Intelligence), I was just wondering if getting dedicated data would help the identify the device, but that presumes a model exists. Even if it does,I think Sense would need to learn to identify the device with all the noise ( real world example)

I know this is maybe a bit off topic but in regards to my refrigerator I mentioned in an earlier post I still have it plugged into my HS 110, that is reporting and since is still finding the refrigerator through the plug and reporting it. I decided I’m going to leave them both report, double report, for a couple weeks to see how close they are. So far this week they’re reporting the exact same amount of kilowatts even though they’re rarely reporting the same amount at the same time I guess since sort of evens it out and flatlines the power meter. Sometimes it reports less through the native detection sometimes a little more.

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I’m an HS110 user and I have checked the accuracy against both my two Kill-A-Watts and both of those against a laboratory grade power meter. The HS 110s are consistently within 0.3% of accurate, pretty amazing for a $19 device. I’m new to HP115’s and don’t have comparable testing on those yet, but am hopeful they will be the same.

If you are seeing Sense and HS110 closely matching, that’s excellent and very surprising given that their measurement approach is so different. In particular, that means that in some environments Sense can be quite accurate.


I have a little update with two screenshots. One is my HS 110 that my refrigerator is plugged into and the other is senses native detection on my refrigerator, sometimes the smart plug records more consumption ,sometimes less but it seems to e even out pretty close over the course of a week.

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Impressively close. Looks like Sense has “found” your refrige device(s) quite successfully. Congratulations

It found it quite a ways back but I was never sure of it’s accuracy. I’ll probably leave it double reporting for another week then I might tank the hs110:and plug it in directly

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