Billing Cycle 2 Results

It’s been just over two months with Sense and I hit billing cycle 2. Compared to the Eversource bill it’s very close in usage and amount.
Eversource 1039 kWh $192.02 (Bill was 200.90 if I include 8.88 Customer Charge. Wish list item?)
Sense 1059 kWh $192.00

Based on what is being used it’s good information. Example- before Sense I could do some math and estimate the AC was cost. Now I know in the last 2 billing cycles AC is 25% of the bill. I can see when it runs,etc.
I set my first goal to be under 1000 kWh for September. Sense also detected the basement lights recently and those are frequently left on for days- I set an alert to notify if they are on for more than two hours.