'Binning' Users in this Community into 4 Groups - Curious/Hobbyist/Solar/Tesla

Based on perusing this site and reading many informative posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that, we could possibly ‘bin’ the many members in this forum into 4 distinct groups

  1. The Curious, wanting to learn before committing to buying a Sense Unit
  2. Those who already have a Sense unit, and trying to understand/manage their power consumption/habits - I call these the hobbyists (Energy monitoring = hobby ?)
  3. Those with solar panels installed on their roofs
  4. Those who drive Electric Cars - I call those hardcore energy conscious/responsible :slight_smile:

Of course, some of us identify with more than one group.

Which Type of Forum User are You ?
  • Curious Non-Owner
  • Hobbyist Owner
  • Solar Owner
  • EV Owner

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I am with #2, how about the rest of the community? Better yet, what really got you into this? Curious about technology, energy use conscious, fascinated by yet another cool gizmo, upset at your local utility … ?

Hey @drjb. If you want to turn a post into a “poll”, you can click the gear/settings icon while posting and click “Build Poll”.

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I am a 2/3.

I came into this forum as kind of a 1/2/3. I already bought Sense, but wanted to use my return policy window as an opportunity for evaluation.

Came in as #1 and #3.

Before sense, I had a Killawatt meter. Now working towards #2 with my pool pump which is one of my biggest energy pig even when it’s used for three months out of the year.

Can’t see the ‘gear’ anymore, is it too late to switch this to a poll ?

Just added the poll to your original posting… Hope I got it right :wink:

More details on my reasons for buying Sense here, but I was 4…


Thank you Kevin!

Thank you @kevin1

I started as #2; I now have solar, but I’m not using Sense to monitor it. I use the extra port for a dedicated circuit (electric range+oven). I hope next year to ‘update’ to an EV.