California's new Net Metering proposal by the CPUC

This is a local thing in California, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other public utility commissions would model after this if this gets approved.

Not directly related to sense itself but sense is loved/used by a lot of (California) customers with Solar I think it is okay to post this here:

The CPUC [1] has effectively floated a new NEM-3 [2] proposal and here’s the top 5 takeaways:

The new CPUC NEM 3 “proposal” includes $30-40/month fee + additional fixed charges per kW on residential and now potentially on commercial/ag projects.

The fees are HIGHER if you have batteries and would apply to what your customers self-produce and self-consume.
Yes – fees for making your own solar power that you use for residential and commercial customers.

So when I got home this afternoon and started charging my EV from my solar panels, they want me to pay a fee to my utility company over that usage even though it never even left my own network and even reached/crossed the meter .

CPUC still wants to lower the value of solar kWh from the current retail rate minus a few charges to 5 cents per kWh.

Still on the table: retroactive changes to your existing customers, other taxes, monthly netting, and more.

Next steps: We MUST come out in force on June 2, and stop this bad proposal in its tracks. The CPUC is inviting feedback. Let’s give it to them! Shut down your offices, bring your whole team, and meet us in LA or SF to tell the CPUC and the Governor, once and for all, NO SOLAR TAX! Spread the word to everyone you know!


[1] California Public Utilities Commission - Wikipedia
[2] Net metering - Wikipedia

This makes zero sense, California has the most electric vehicles on earth, and is paving the way to net zero in the country,
Why would they hurt the end user that is doing their part?
I am from northern canada, and am worried how our about our power company is ping to handle our credits in he near future.
I could not imagine wha this proposed in California. They should be giving you more incentives as the grid seems to have troubles on its own.

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Totally agree with you.

It is kind of equivalent to buying a generator & fuel to run part of your house from the generator.
Than the utility comes and wants you to pay a percentage of the generated electricity from the generator & fuel you paid for to them.
Last month 54% of my used electricity was provided by my solar independent of the grid.
Can you imagine they made a 20 year deal for net metering and after 2 years they break open the contract and make me pay for all this nonsense?