Can Kasa devices be used to train Sense & then be moved

Can a Kasa outlet such as the HS110 be used to bring ground truth to a device (or multiple devices) and then be moved to another device without affecting Sense after its removal?

Hi @kipk,

I hope I’m not mis stating, but I believe the way the HS110 and smart plugs program was introduced was a first most - way to identify specific devices with 100% certainty because now Sense isn’t looking at the waveform, but trusting the data from the smart plug.
Then as a secondary objective, they are looking at that data specifically to help determine the ground truth to improve detection in the future.

So to answer your question - at this time, I think the answer is no.

There actually are some wonky things about moving a smart plug right now. Others have experienced it first hand, I’ve only seen the reports, but once you tag a HS110 as a device, that plug keeps that historical data forever. You can re-name it and plug someone else into it, but it will still show data from whatever was plugged into it originally.
Edited: I was incorrect. Apparently there is a way to move a TP Link plug.

@ben Than is incorrect.
I’ve taken one and used it three times with different names and have separate data for the devices. All done with a single HS110.
What people are not doing is Removing it correctly and that is conflating their data.

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Oh interesting. Sorry about that. What are the steps to move the HS110? I saw yours and other threads about removing from Sense, removing from Kasa, then disabling the integration and starting over and some things coming back with the old data. I guess I missed that there was a way to do it correctly.

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I did have trouble the first few time trying to remove and rename but eventually got it to work.
This last time I disabled integration for TP Link is sense. Then went to KASA and removed the device and then set it up again. When I installed this time, KASA gave the option to keep the old name and data, I set it up as new with a different name. I then just went to sense again and enabld integration. I think because KASA has a new name was the reason the histodidnt carry over.
I hope I’m remembering that right, pretty sure it is. I had commented back to someone that I didn’t have to uninstall any software but don’t recall where that was at. I had the steps I took at that time posted in that thread. I believe @mike_gessnerwas who I was responding to.

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Let’s be clear. You can move your HS110 around to look at waveforms from many different unrecognized devices in your house. But you should NOT think that you have provided enough “ground truth” for actual learning from that Smartplug, until the Sense folks tell us that the device on the Smartplug has been learned. That’s likely months off in the future. Until then, don’t assume that you are providing enough data. Insufficient data has about the same value as no data.


The responses are all helpful - thank you. WRT Sense learning, will it tell you, for a device on a smart plug, when it has “learned” the profile of that device?

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Unfortunately, there’s not a good answer right now. Sense probably has many months of collecting data and experimentation ahead of them right now. So just enjoy seeing usage of your challenging-to-detect devices(s) for now.

This is absolutely a feature we want to add in the future, but we need to collect more data from smart plugs in the field before it will be possible.

I recommend checking out these links, as they answer a lot of smart plug questions:

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