Kasa Smartplug Stat Reset

Hello I moved some of my Kasa smartplugs to a different device. Is it possible to reset the energy stats for the device?

When I move mine I completely delete from Kasa and setup as new. Make sure to change the name also.
When you remove from Kasa and it detects it again, it will ask if you want to keep the settings stored on it, choose no.


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As @samwooly1 said, it’s best to fully remove (from both apps) and re-connect.

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Hi, I moved mine to a different device as well. I first removed it from the kasa app and it now only shows up in sense… How do i remove it from here ? Cant find a remove option.

Just disable the TPlink Kasa Integration, that removes all the discovered sensors.

Uh oh… I did that and while it did remove the desired device, it also removed the stats of the other hs110 when I re-enabled it… also it’s been 12 hours since and my hs300 hasn’t reappeared in sense.

Can someone at Sense please explain the proper process and give the possible unwanted outcomes?

Also, explain why the integration needs to be completely removed (resetting ALL of your smart plug of that brand’s stats even though there’s only one that needs attention)

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I would also be interested to know if there is going to be a point where I CAN move my HS110 to the next device. When has it recorded enough of the one device to know all of it’s habits and waveforms and now it would be beneficial to move it to another unrecognized device…

As it stands with my HS110 on the refrigerator I fear it will NEVER actually recognize the fridge as it’s kinda already there. But if I ever need to disable the TP-Link connection, POOF the fridge history is gone. Especially scary as I just purchased an HS300 for my stereo cabinet. Each plug on the power strip is another HS110


I would only use smart plugs for devices that I know for sure will never be detected. I’m also using for entertainment cabinet as nothing there would likely ever be detected by Sense natively.
@samheidie, you do t ha e to disable integration to move a plug but I feel it’s necessary to reset them. Let’s say you have one on a TV with the name TV. You now move it to a pump and rename the plug to pump, the history for the TV will now show up as the pump. I reset each plug I move through KASA and that’s all I’ve been doing the last few moves, it appears to not cause any problems and allows me to retain the history of the previous device using the “usage” “trends” tabs of the app.

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The thing is that in my example. I removed removed the plug from the kasa app so that it erases all the info on the kasa app and then set it to the new device. When this was done it was showing the old device as on in sense but with different wattage.

I then removed the device again from kasa and then disabled the integration as suggested. When I did this it erased the stats in Sense for my other HS110 plugs and the HS300 would not get detected, only the two HS110s… after several disables and enables of the integration, it finally got all my three TPLINK devices but all the stats in sens were gone even for the devices i did not want to reset.

There should be a a re-scan button on the tp-link integration part and a remove button on a per smart plug device in my opinion.

Your history is still there at least temporarily for the other devices. Use the app and navigate to “trends” then “usage”.
From there scroll down the devices until you find what your looking for. Make sure you have a date range selected that the old device was still active. If you have week selected and it was last used the previous Saturday, you won’t see it. But if week is selected and it was last used Sunday of the week, you’ll ha e data for that day.

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As has been noted above, at this time if you want to fully remove a single or multiple smart plugs from Sense, you need to remove it from its respective app and then turn the integration off (and on again) in Sense. Yes, this means you will lose your data for all smart plugs (you can grab it beforehand with data export, but I know that’s less than ideal). The other option is to simply rename the plug (that’s what I’ve been doing), but the drawback there is that the historic data will not be accurate. In short, we understand the neither of these options are ideal. We do plan to add individual plug deletion in the future but, admittedly, smart plug adoption has not been very high and thus there are more pressing dev priorities.

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, yes, this is absolutely something we’re working on and was a big impetus behind the integration. That said, it’s not something we can instantaneously add. It requires a lot of Data Science labor to get us there. The good news is that we’ve made a lot of progress with the smart plug data we’re getting and still plan to roll out a feature like this in the future. It is not right around the corner, but we’re actively working on it.

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I’ve done exactly this as well and while it works, it supposedly causes my new ‘always on’ and ‘idle’ recognition to misbehave because it sees past data for that device that is completely different. Support told me a reset is the only way to fix that but it of course removes ALL smart plug data.

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Whereas I just did the opposite. I had a Keurig that claimed to be recognized, but was NOT seeing anywhere NEAR the total power it was using, but was flashing the coffee maker as being on and would no longer show that when it was off. Today I added a new HS110 to it so it can track all the power the Keurig is using. Not sure WHAT is going to happen now.

My DREAM is that it will take the info from the smart switch and use that to round out what it knows about the device it already has. Actually, my dream is that it could do that w/o the purchase of another device, that it could see a bunch of power stair stepping at the same time as this device it did identify and wrap them up together. But we are where we are.

I guess the other part of that dream is that with more stuff identified with power readings taken directly from the outlets these devices are plugged into the Sense can focus more on the rest of the waveform and track down things I cannot access like the in-floor heating in my wife’s office.

I just worry I may have labeled wrong. It asked what was attached and I said Coffee Maker and put the same make and model as the Coffee Maker it found, but I left the name TP-LINK so I can see the difference in readings. What will that do to the Community Names?

Yes, that will cause problems in the short term. However, Sense will adjust AO and idle in time. It’s obviously not ideal and we hope to revisit the smart plug integration when resources allow. The process can be sped up somewhat by changing the “What’s plugged in” option for the smart plug. It still won’t be immediate, but will help things along.

I moved my HS300 and took the opportunity of losing all my Smart Plug data to also move the HS110 from my refrigerator to my TV. Interestingly it then immediately reported that it had found a new device, Fridge. The TV takes a shocking amount of power, gonna turn that sucker off when I am not watching in the future.

When it recognized the HS110 that the Keurig is plugged into I changed tack. Said it was plugged into the already recognized device. Kinda cool that it merges with the device. Still in the process of learning devices that are connected, so this was the first time plugging in a known device.

Still not recognizing my washing machine dishwasher and lots of stuff doesn’t get run every day so there is a lot yet to discover.

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