KASA Device Factory Reset. SENSE History and Info Was Not

Installed a KASA smart strip on several devices early this week. Monitored for 4 days.

Decided it would be better used in a different area. Followed KASA factory reset that worked as it should.

Then labeled all the devices in the KASA App as all were wiped out.

SENSE immediately deleted the old device names and changed to the new device names. However it kept all the info from device type, make, model etc as well as the power info for the last 4 days.

Obviously that power info is incorrect.

Is this a bug? Shouldn’t Sense reset when KASA device resets?

How do I now get rid of the former device historical info in Sense?

You have to remove the connection in Sense, which will wipe all the history for ALL your plugs, and then reconnect it.

Where is that accomplished? I see it in no menu tree

Settings > my home > connected devices

You should see the integration in there. Just remember, if you have other kasa plugs this will remove all of them and wipe their history.

Oh, the integration tab.

There has to be a more elegant solution than resetting 20 devices.

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I did that. Wiped everything out.

Yet still calculating the old device as the new device. Just did the reset so there should not be any history.

I think the trend bars are only updated every hour, so you may need to wait for the next data aggregation before the ghost data disappears.

The persistence of smart plug histories is not a bug per se, but a behavior that is expensive fix/enhancement given the complex data pipeline Sense runs. Several discussions with Ryan and Justin at Sense about this requested feature.

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