Moved smart plug. How to delete old history?

I moved a smart plug from a device that normally runs at 1W to one about 40W. How may I delete the historical data associated with the time before the switch?

I have the same issue. I think it would be nice if the data from the smart plug was being stored on the device profile setting so if you wanted to move the plug to another device you could simply go in the settings and tell it that you’re moving the plug to another device. I think it would help with learning device signatures.

Hey @scorp508. Unfortunately, no. The only way to currently delete smart plug data is to remove the integration and reset it, but that’ll delete data for all of your plugs.

Yikes, definitely not something I am willing to do at this time. Anything on the horizon to help fill this gap? Or can support do a single plug behind the scenes?

So there’s nothing on the short-term roadmap right now for this, but it’s something we have some ideas about/have discussed internally. My recommendation is to add a “Product Wishlist” post titled something like “Ability to Delete or Reset Individual Historical Smart Plug Data/Devices”.