Dead Wemo insight

The answer is prob somewhere here, but i cant find it. How can i delete an old smart plug? Its not in the wemo app anymore, but sense still shows the plug.

This is from memory so I might be wrong. No way to delete a Smartplug device because it has a real history behind it (real data associated with sit that Sense prefers to keep around). That’s in comparison to a detected device history that is composed purely of machine generated data. So you can’t delete the history but you can rename it as DeprecatedWemo, or ZZWemo to indicate it’s not longer in use.

For the same reason (the real data history), you have to do a trick to repurpose a Smartplug if you want to collect a separate history - you can’t just rename it. You have to actually clear the device in Kasa (or Wemo equivalent), and recreate it to create a separate history in Sense.

@kevin1 is spot on. You cannot delete it without removing the integration entirely. I would rename it as Kevin suggested.

maybe this is something that should be added into Sense, as what if like in my case one dies, or you changed from wemo to HS100 or the other way…

I’d encourage you to add your support to this thread: More robust options for moving/deleting/merging smartplug data & setup

In short, it’s a great idea, but it’s quite challenging to actually implement.

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