Merging data for smart plugs

I had a light on a TP-Link EP10 plug, which does not monitor energy use. I replaced it with an EP25 which does. While using the EP10 I had an estimated energy use, and a on/off timeline history etc.
How can I merge the old timeline/power history with the new one?

  • There is a merge option for not smart plug devices, but there does not seem to be one for smart plugs
  • There does not even seem to be an option to remove the old smart plug (which is associated with a Mac address). I still have the old plug, it will be repurposed but in that case too I will not want to new hooked up device’s estimated power to become part of the old timeline
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Where do you see the lamp / EP10 history - on the Sense or on the Kasa app ? If you are talking the Sense app, the history must have come from a native detection, not the EP10. There is a merge option for smart plugs, but it is called something a little different - It’s under Device Name > Settings > Manage “What’s connected to this ?”. That’s the way you associate native detection(s) with a specific smart plug to get a consolidated history and avoid double counting. Just to be clear, Sense uses the smart plug measurements and hides the native detection(s) because the smart plug measurement is more complete.

The lamp was never detected natively. I had it on an EP10 (Kasa integration through Sense), but since that doesn’t measure energy. The estimated energy use was with home assistant, not sense. I want to keep the on/off history which was both in Kasa as well as Sense (though TP-Link integration).
The “What is connected” does not merge with a prior smart plug. Only with native detected devices. I want to merge smart plug histories.
This issue would also arise if/when one replaces a broken smart plug with a new one, same device plugged in. One would want to continue as if the replacement never happened: merge.

@dolfs, OK, so you built the original history in Sense via a HomeAssistant calculation using EP10 on/off data forwarded to Sense via SenseLink ?

If that’s the case, then you probably are a little stuck because the Emulated Kasa / SenseLink data is essentially the same as a smart plug history and they are not currently mergable with another smart plug history. I would add your specific onto this Product Wishlist item, and “Like” the original posting to continue to build the case for better smart plug history management features.