Smart Plug device historical data

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I have recently installed an HS300 in my kitchen to catch the many appliances we use. Toaster, two instapots, coffee maker, ninja blender.

For one of the devices where it was previously detected I used the merge feature to combine the historys.

Typically when a new device is detected naturally and named, it finds all the past energy usuage of the device. And for the most part adds it to that devices usage.

I am not seeing this with Kasa detected devices. Is this possible for sense to pickup? A feature that can be added? Where the kasa recognized device can find and combine the history of said device.

Also…if I change the device to a regular none kasa plug at some point will it also lose the history? Will it be easier to be detected naturally after such point?

Apologies alot to unpack there.

Hey @SILVERNJA, good morning to you!
The reason that a smart plug detected device does not have historical data populate is that unlike traditional detection, we’re not using data modeling to detect this device. The smart plug is just collecting the data directly and communicating that usage data with Sense, so we can’t match that with historical device models on our end.

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To add to @JustinAtSense’s response, Sense is not precluded from natively detecting a device that is plugged in to a smart plug so in theory you could get the history you want sometime in the future if Sense picks up the device with native detection.

Having devices on smart plugs is also helping, in theory, with the overall detection algorithm: ultimately it’s allowing Sense to collect more data not less.


Does the integration with the smart plug quicken the natural detection? Given the wifi handshake as it were and or the sense app knowing when a device turns on and off and how much wattage is being consumed?

At the moment, it does not have an effect on the detection process in a home.
In the long term, this will be used as part of the “ground truth” data we’re collecting to inform/improve our device models moving forward.


Glad my impatience for natural sense detection will also help contribute to the ‘ground truth’ data

With the smart plug, Sense picks up the wave form of the device. Figured an overlap would be…Sensed :stuck_out_tongue: as i would assume same wave form. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep an Eye out for the natural pickup of sense.

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