Can I merge Kasa Plug /Dedicated Circuits?

Hello all, 2 separate items here for trying to merge.

  1. sense found my old sump pump and I’ve tracked for a year. Pump died, put in similar put but on Kasa HS110 about 2 weeks ago. Today, sense found it as pump 3. I can’t seem to merge the HS110 device to new device and going to pull off plug. Can this be done? Based on easily merging stuff in past, I don’t get option or shows it is in pick list because of plug item.

  2. a couple months ago I had basement waterproofing system in. Added 2 sump pumps and a ventilation fan. Today I had electrician run electrical outlets to these three items were on HS110 plugs and I had these 3 things put to one circuit so I could use my open dedicated circuit lead. Can I merge these as the plugs now to the dedicated circuits?

Thanks all. If I can’t, I’m losing much data but I would like to do it.

With smart plugs, the “merge” is done by going to the smart plug device, then Settings>Manage. Once there you can specify “What’s plugged into this”, including any number of devices that have been previously detected.

@kevin1 that was what I thought but it is not an option…see below.

Oops - Now “What’s connected to this?”

@kevin1 nothing now. Sense discovered the item and I pulled the WiFi plug off. I need but I can put the plug back in but only would do if merge was possible. Plan to reset all WiFi plugs for future use as needed but want to merge past data from plugs not that 1 device was sensed and 3 devices are now part of a dedicated circuit clamp.

@kevin1 when I go to what’s connected now, the previous device when on plug is not available for selection for some reason? Seems no devices that I have on plugs are. Is it not possible to merge these with dedicated circuit history? Would tied multiple device history to dedicated circuit.

@norenlaw, the “what’s connected to this is” is designed for the case when Sense detects a component of a device (or 2 or 3) that is plugged into a smart plug. You will see a list of all native detections, but will not see other smartplugs. That should take care of situation 1. On situation 2, you’ll have to leave past history of the 3 devices formerly on HS110s separate from the new DCM circuit measurement. And there’s no way to merge those 3 smartplug device histories - better to just repurpose and rename the HS110s and remember that you changed the usage.


@kevin1 appreciate it, that is what I assumed based on what I was seeing in the app but just wanted to double check. Last week I was out of HS110 plugs and with these updates and sense finding my new sump pump I gained 4 plugs back. Thanks!

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One thing I’d suggest is when repurposing these plugs is to make a note (device settings - my notes) as to what was plugged in and the date of the change. A simple way to keep track of everything, especially if you decide to use them for seasonal devices.