Getting sense to merge learned device to HS110

Sense picked up my fridge compressor on its own. However, I wanted to get more information on the other devices in the fridge that are drawing power. I put the fridge on a HS110 and when prompted “whats plugged into this” I selected the already discovered fridge. It did not merge the two, but instead, I now have the detected fridge and the smart plug fridge. When I go to manage, there’s no option in the smart plug to merge it with the previously discovered fridge. When I go to manage on the fridge, there’s an option to merge but only merge with devices natively discovered by sense. I unfortunately had to delete the previously discovered fridge and now have just the HS110 fridge. Am I doing something wrong, or is merging with a plug simply not an option. Thanks.

Sense’s merge function seems to combine the individual natively-detected devices, explicitly listed - excluding “Always On” and “Other”. When devices are sub-components of the “Other” bubble, the merging feature may not be available.

Your Smart Plug approach will not afford your a decomposed view of your refrigerator’s energy footprint. If an device-level view is your desired outcome, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Remove the smart plug, affording the refrigerator’s direct power source connection
  2. Patiently await Sense’s native connection process to unfold
  3. Name each natively detected appropriately
  4. Affect the merging feature as desired, following identification of multiple sub-components

Please await further replies to determine if alternate approaches present themselves… Regardless, best of outcomes to you!

Same issue here with an HS110 installed on my clothes washer and a recent native discover by Sense of 1/4 current draw if said washer. I’m watching to see how it handles this and I’m wondering if the other will change.

I’ll add my voice to the merge desire. My dryer heater element was discovered, but not the motor. I put it on a smart plug but now also have two devices. Hopefully Sense can add this, and frankly deleting HS110s, as an option. However, with the 110s being discontinued, I doubt much development around them is continuing.

You can merge them by checking the newly detected device in the “What’s plugged in?” section of the Manage tab for that smart plug device. More about that here:

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