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I have an HS110 being used in front of a chest freezer. The device was detected but was tough to identify with certainty until I plugged it in to the HS110. Once the HS110 was detected, Sense asked what was plugged in to it and I configured the chest freezer for it. Now that it’s been running there for a while I’d like to unlink the HS110 from the freezer and move it to something else.

How do I unlink a combined device?

TP-Link HS110 smart plug detection

Unfortunately at this point there is no way for this to be done at the user level, so you would probably have to contact support.

It has been something that I’ve suggested Sense consider adding I’m in the same boat as you, wanting to repurpose one of my HS110’s come spring for a different purpose, and then switching it back in the fall. (Spa vs pool pump).


You might be able to change the association now, with the latest smartplug enhancement. I think if you go into Manage tab of the Device Settings, there’s an entry under Smart plug called “What’s plugged into this ?” I actually repurposed one of my plugs that was not associated with an existing device, using that. Seems like you should be able to do the same for a connected device.


I tried this, but (at least when I tried it), it didn’t clear any of the historical data, so although the HS110 showed a different device…all the history came along for the ride.

For example, if I moved my hot-tub HS110 (which used 1700+KW last month) to a dramatically lower consumption device like a reading lamp, the overall calculated stats will still be skewed with a huge bell curve that was the hot tub.

I’d like there to be a way to manually edit the MAC address in the device listing in Sense to be able to manually associate (and disassociate) HS110’s from the device so that the history can be left intact if desired.

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OK - that’s the catch - historical data can’t be re-allocated. I thought Sense kept the identified data history and new Smartplug data in separate device buckets and then did a special merge on both (a non-additive merge, that just posts the values from the Smartplug). Thanks for the warning.

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FYI - This capability limitation is listed, a bit obliquely, in the smart plug FAQ:

Note: if you have a power strip plugged into your smart plug, with multiple devices on it (e.g., an entertainment center with a TV, DVR, game console, or other devices), and Sense has previously detected any of these devices, Sense will still combine all of these devices into a single bubble/device in the Sense app. So, if your TV had been previously detected by Sense, and your TV is on a power strip that is on a smart plug along with other devices, you will no longer see your TV individually tracked in Sense. Its historic data will become part of the combined smart plug device. If you choose not to merge the TV in, you can keep it as a separate device, but this is not ideal because it will likely be double counted as we are still looking for the TV device while the smart plug is also reporting its wattage.