More robust options for moving/deleting/merging smart plug data & setup

Ok guys, I love the smartplug integration. I have quite a few now throughout the house monitoring groups of devices that would never be captured independently, or some larger loads that Sense struggled with and I wanted 100% accuracy for.

But recently, I had an HS110 die on me. It was at that moment that the current inability to manage how HS110’s are integrated with Sense after that initial setup really hit home.

The HS110 that failed now has 10.5 months of very valuable data that I was working towards having a full one year tally of for statistical purposes. I replaced the unit with another HS110 to get things back “online” so far as recording, but it’s a separate device and I’m now more or less starting all over again so far as a second set of stats.

I also have a few HS110’s that are no longer going to be used for the winter months - one on our plug and play spa, and another on our pool pump. I’d like to repurpose them elsewhere for the winter but be able to keep the historical data they gathered, and perhaps even swap them back in come the spring picking up where they left off. To simply let them sit and do nothing for 7+ months now because I don’t want to muddy my data is a bit frustrating.

I’m guessing the HS110’s are binded to our Sense accounts using their MAC addresses…so why can we not just get an “Advanced” tab or something under the individual device setups in the Sense app that would allow us to modify this data?

FWIW I did make a support request and asked if even just migrating the data on Sense’s end was possible (OK, if we can’t do it…why can’t support?) and I got this back:

*Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to transfer data associated with one smart plug to another. We apologize for any inconvenience here.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


I’m left a bit deflated.


We do agree that deeper smart plug management is needed. Implementation is actually a bit more complicated than it might sound, which is why it was not originally addressed. We are hoping to slot it in soon however, as this integration has only gotten more popular.

As always, be sure to like the original post if you’d like to see this built out. I’d also love to hear what others think and if this has been a major pain point for anyone else.


we should be able to delete smart plugs as well incase they die, as I had one die. Maybe you loose all data from that plug, but as its dead… better then seeing the plug in the list still.

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This is now a major issue for me! Why? Because I started with Wemo Insight Smartplugs on some ‘important’ loads (such as freezers, network control devices, fridge, etc) – but then discovered those Wemo devices don’t return to their prior state after a power failure! So, the new KP115 plugs seem like a great alternative to swap out for the Wemo plugs … but there isn’t a way to ‘merge’ the old & new data (as noted).

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Purchased several HS110 for exterior Christmas lights… Very interesting power consumption.

Now Obviously need to use one for washer, “repurposethe HS110 without a retention or of loosing the previous connected device statistics/usage/etc
Otherwise, the HS110 is in storage with Xmas lights until Next Christmas.

How does one (or Support does it) reuse a HS110 AND keeping of the previous connected device data to put HS100 to use for a new/different device without reusing data and loosing of the previous device connected to Hs110 ??
I suspected to see an inactive option in Sense for the managed device which simply removes or otherwise disconnects from the HS110 MAC addresss by simply removing the MAC address, therefore the device stays but readds a new managed connected hs110 device with the MAC address that now is, new to sense

On the contrary
Also, you then have a more defined power usage history fingerprint of electricity collected from the smart plug of previous devices marked “inactive” to use to help improve Sense machine learning for devices(your customers) having trouble with Sense to detect devices others provided through smart plug

I now have a couple HS300’s that I got on sale from Amazon. I’d like to use one to systematically go through the house and measure Always On loads from my various devices. For this purpose, it would be very helpful to allow users to clear the history of a given smart plug. That seems like pretty low hanging fruit as far as implementation difficulty goes. Thanks!

This is a really useful request ! Wish I had that as well. But Ryan’s earlier posting kind of indicates that it’s not the low-hanging fruit everyone wishes it was. I would say “Like” the original post, if you haven’t already, to show your interest, but plan on doing your assessment either:

  • without the ability to delete histories of smart plugs
  • with a plan to delete all the histories concurrently

I’ve already “Liked” the original post.

I agree that being able to preserve old data and swap plugs between devices (or devices between plugs) is tricky. I’m a programmer and understand that managing the underlying data model and coming up with a good user interface is not easy.

However, just clearing history of a given smart plug is an entirely different level of difficulty from both a programming and user interface point of view. It probably involves adding a single button, a warning dialog, and then purging records from the data store. I think that would be very useful to me and others. I think it would be a shame to hold up this simple request while a solution to the more complicated original request is developed.