Crazy spike in HS110 data, does Sense throw out "bad" data?

I’m enjoying the new HS110 integration but had something odd on one of them last night. Around 3:45 AM I had a spike of 283,233 W from the unit my washing machine is plugged into. It lasted 16 seconds and amounted to 0.5% of my monthly use. The washer was off at the time. It’s not a huge deal as long as it doesn’t start happening a lot but it makes me wonder: a) has anyone else had this happen? and b) does the Sense ever throw out nonphysical data?

Note that the Sense app says this event was 0.8 kWh but the HS110 Kasa app shows 0.00 kWh for the same period. So either this was an error caused by the Sense or it was an error caused by the HS110 that the Kasa app filtered out.

@frankwin.hooglander saw something like this, though it showed up on the Kasa app as well… Not sure if he ever resolved.

It was never resolved. I need to contact TP Link again to see if they can replace my plug. I’ll try one of the new plugs that are coming in next week first w/ the same fan to see if it has the same issue before doing that though.

I had the same thing only mine was from ‘experimenting’ right away in Beta stages. Same wattage and everything (Kasa did show the same as Sense though).

I asked support if they can delete the erroneous data before a certain date and have not heard back yet.

The main thing I’m seeing yet is data dropouts that affect all HS110’s that are ‘on’ at the time though I’m not sure if it power cycles the units yet.

I have 2 HS110’s on each of our EV’s now and on one of the two I’m seeing the occasional dropout as well. Oddly enough the other one is solid, although I did experience another issue with that one tonight that I’ll make a separate post about.

We’d like to investigate this further. @stuart1 and @frankwin.hooglander, I’ll shoot you PMs.

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