TP-Link Kasa HS110 plug and sense

I have my HS110 smart plug connected to my old freezer. I’m trying to work out how much of an energy hog it is to justify replacing it (or not). In Sense it tends to show as on 82w most of the time. On occasion it shows as n/a. This is similar to my hue lights if someone has turned them off at the switch.
Is the n/a because Sense has lost contact with the plug? According to the Kasa app the current power is 81.1W, my daily average is 1.35kwh & in total I have consumed 2.71kWh. In Sense it only shows a total of 1.7kWh. I assume Sense just syncs the data with the Kasa info rather than trying to track it on its own, but maybe that suggests connection with Sense is dropping out if the totals don’t match :confused:

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Take a look at the Power Meter view associated with the Freezer via the iOS/Android app. If you see it dropping to 0 on a fairly frequent basis (more than 1% of the time), then you are having communications issues between the Sense monitor and the smart plug. Could be a great many different reasons ranging from your WiFi network to the Sense monitor itself. FYI - the Sense monitor does NOT sync data with the Kasa, but instead the Sense monitor regularly (every 2 seconds) queries all the Kasa smart plugs on the same subnet for power information. They all report back in. If you see dropouts, in the Freezer Power Meter, you should contact Sense support - they have more diagnostics at their disposal.

The good news is that the Kasa protocol uses far less bandwidth than the Wemo flavor.

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