ALL KASA Smartplugs dropped off Sense

All 16 of my KASA KP-115 are online but at 7:42pm ET they all dropped from Sense detection.

However, everything on my KASA HS-300 power stripes are still showing up in Sense.

It’s just the singe Smartplugs.

Sense detecting the wattage but assigning it to OTHER.

Anyone else?

Or suggestions?

There are a couple of threads here about HS110s and KP115s falling off from Sense and possible fixes (see below), but no definitive answers on cause.

I disagree that this is a KASA issue. ALL 16 Smartplugs fell off at the same time, yet the 2 HS-300 6 plug strips continue to work correctly. Sense simply obtains energy use from the device, regardless of Strip or Smartplug.

As the other thread also shows, I had commented that I had not had a plug fall off Sense in 18 months (now coming up 2 years) as opposed to the every 2-5 days others had stated.

If it were a KASA issue, the HS300 would have fallen off as well.

Furthermore, HA showing and reporting all plugs and energy use correctly.

Reboot of Sense did not restore.

Just trying to highlight where others have been before and what has fixed it for them. Clearly there seem to be many modes of failure, maybe because there are so many different home networks. Also forgot that you were part of this dialog back in Sept 22, with similar issues.

For me, most of my HS110 issues disappeared when I reserved fixed IP addresses for them with my DHCP host (Unify UDM / controller), and put all my IoT devices that are 2.4GHz (including Sense monitors) on a special IoT 2.4GHz-only SSID.

ps: there are definitely networking reliability issues related Kasa smart plugs -

I’ve always used reserve ips from the beginning.

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