All HS110 dropped out at the same time for five minutes

I don’t know if it is worth mentioning, but at 11:38AM today all four of our TP HS110 went to 0W at the exact same time for five minutes and then went back to their normal data reporting.

What could cause every one of them to become unreachable then come back? The plugs themselves didn’t lose power and our Wi-Fi network didn’t drop during that time. The plugs themselves are even connected via different Ubiquiti Access Points, but Sense itself and three of the smart plugs are connected to the same AP.

I’ve seen them individually drop out for a few seconds here and there, but never all at the same time for the same duration.

Oh wait, I see something.

My Wi-Fi management software shows Sense reconnected to Wi-Fi at the same time the plug data came back. The plugs have been connected for 3 days straight which is when I did an AP firmware update.

It would seem Sense itself dropped off Wi-Fi for some reason and while it was disconnected it considered the plugs to be “off”. When it reconnected to Wi-Fi and could again communicate with the plugs it treated them as having both an off and an on event, and thus fired two alerts for each device as my notifications for the plugs are setup for off and on events.

The Sense power meter shows data for the same 11:38-11:43AM duration so it would seem Sense didn’t fully reboot, just a Wi-Fi disconnect/reconnect outage of five minutes.


I don’t have smart plugs and my outage didn’t happen at the same time, but it could be worth mentioning that the update was supposed to be overnight, but I got mine just afternoon yesterday… there is about a 5min gap in my timeline for usage and solar production… when I looked, the firmware was on the dec 13 (latest) firmware…

with all that said, I did have a ticket open (days earlier) to update firmware, so that could’ve been my situation, but I would’ve figured they would wait and update with the rest, overnight… just an observation…

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