HS110 smart plugs reset

2 of my smart plugs quit recording after 30 days is this a normal thing or is there a problem, I had to reset them to get them going again, is this going to be a 30 routine?

Did they stop working in the TP-Link app as well or just Sense?

And by reset, do you mean disable and re-enable the integration? Or physically reset on the plug itself?

in Kasa tp-link

reset on the plug it self, did this as suggested by tp-link tech, forgot to ask them if this will need to be done every 30 day

they stop in the kasa not the sense

In that case, I’m really not too sure. That sounds like a specific issue with Kasa and not Sense. I have 10 HS110s and haven’t had to do that ever.

Perhaps begin by checking your HS110/300 firmware and update:


If you have a router/switch that allows it you could look there and see whether WiFi dropouts are involved with the problem.

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I have 3 HS110, all connected to the same access point it would be odd if I had a drop out on 2 and not the third, there was no problem restarting them, besides I was still able to control them even though they stopped recording after 30 days, something strange going on, the only thing tp-link suggested was to reset them and start over, which I did the one that didn’t had only 16 days recorded and was still recording

If you’re able to see them on the Kasa app, compare the Device Settings > Advanced Device Info > Network Info (shows dBm when you tap there) and HW/FW version. All the same?

there all the same set up hw/fw same m there all set up on the same access point. if it happens again I’m going to try to speak with a live person at TP-LINK, as it is I’m waiting on a support ticket reply from them. so far the sense has been tracking it and the only gap was when I reset the HS110, thanks for your help

I’ve had issues with T P Link having dropouts that don’t appear like they have lost connection.
I think it’s a traffic and communication problem. Think of it like this. Too many people talking (plugs) and only one listening (KASA or Sense). The one listening may hear several people but completely miss one of them. This could happen in rotation where it’s a different one every few seconds.

Sense sends out a broadcast message every two seconds to all nodes on the same subnet. The broadcast message on port 9999 asks all the TP-Links to send their status info. The responses from up to 20 or so different TP-Link devices leaves room for collisions and other network jam-ups, especially if there is lot of other stuff going on on that subnet, and especially if you network uses hubs vs. switches.

Indeed @kevin1, all networks are not created equal. I’m guessing most residential-grade networks with meshes and other complications are very prone to collisions and dropouts.

Something I’ve noticed with my relative simple but more (small) enterprise-grade network is the fairly remarkable consistency of upload bandwidth from the Kasa plugs. I haven’t tried quantifying things yet but they seem quite consistent.

I think I need to clear up some confusion about my HS110 plugs, there were no drop outs they work as far as controlling what was plugged into them, what was happening was they stopped collecting the total energy use and the total run time after 30 days, the plug still functioned to turn things on and off just quit collecting history.

I’ve been in touch with TP-LINK about this problem and they are working on it, I’m waiting to hear back from them.

There are differences in the way these data packets are transmitted. As far as I understand a switch control command is pushed to the plug and is no-doubt a small number of packets with some kind of acknowledgment. Meanwhile energy use data transmitted to the Kasa cloud (nothing to do with Sense) is more packets. Then there’s the Sense-polled Kasa data that is ultimately sent to the Sense cloud. All chances for collisions. There’s a lot of stuff going on there.

Will be interesting to hear what TP-Link has to say.

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I totally agree with you, sense was still getting the data some how but the kasa program for what ever reason was not reporting it back to me after 30 days I waited 5 days before I started questioning the history, they had me reset the 2 devices to see if that helped, the two device are collecting data and accumulating it again I will probably have to wait until the 30 days are up to see if it happens again, I have a third one in use but it only has 16 days on it. so I’m waiting to see what happens there, it will be interesting to hear what TP-LINKS has to say.