Add Integration for KMC Smart Plugs W/Monitoring

I found a much cheaper alternative to the current lineup of smart plugs that Sense supports. These also have energy monitoring but unlike all the other single plugs, appears not to plug the other receptacle. It also can be used with more Apps like the Smart Life App.
These are $27.99 for a three pack

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Have you actually used these? I bought some on a whim and had a pretty rough experience. Really bad issues with maintaining connection that I never dealt with from my Eve plugs at the time or the Tp-Link and Wemo ones I’m using now. The HS110s are pretty comparably priced, within a few bucks, and (to me) a far better experience.

No Ryan, I haven’t. I’m glad you have some experience with them. It’s the price point I was looking at and what they claim the capabilities are.
I liked how it appeared that you do t lose a plug like with the HS110’s that was also attractive to me.
If they are junk then it rules them out.

I do agree about not losing a plug. I’m able to use ungrounded plugs with my Wemo Insights, but not grounded. I’ve also seen some users here use short 3" extension cords to bring the TP-Link out of the wall a bit and give access to the other outlet.

Not necessarily junk, just my experience. Absolutely could’ve been Wi-Fi instability on my end, but never had those issues with other smart plugs.

The reliability of T P Link and Sense together is something that can’t be beat. The only issues I have are with my WiFi.
The losing a plug or using extension cords is a big pro for me. The wife hates the look of the wall watts and I have to keep cords hidden if possible for aesthetic reasons.
She has had move move furniture to hide a plug… grumble…
The HS300’s have been a big help, just pricey.