Smart plugs

What smart plugs are currently compatible with Sense? Is it still the Belkin, etc that I see listed? I’m primarily interested in having something that I can plug into, that Sense can monitor, such as my home theater system. The plugs listed are pretty pricey. For example, can Sense work with this one?

Only the Belkin Wemo Insight and the TP-Link Kasa HS110 and HS300. A couple years ago, those were the only smartplugs with power monitoring capabilities. You still have to check with the cheap ones to see if they have power monitoring, but there are more that do it. My 2c - don’t waste your money on ones that aren’t integrated today, hoping that they will get a Sense integration soon. Pay 24$ for an HS110 that you know works well. Too many other no-name products out there today.

Thanks. So there might be cheaper ones that can integrate with Sense, but it’s unknown? Is there an API to integrate plugs? If so, I might be willing to do the code…

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AFAIK, each integration with Sense is a one-off since Sense requires substantially shorter latency and faster data transfer than typical smart home systems, even in the rare case when those smart home systems sample collect power usage.

More info on the separate Wemo and Kasa integrations here.

Suffice it to say that smart plugs, even with the requisite power monitoring won’t likely just “drop into” the two existing smart plug integrations.

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Thanks. Sounds like the TPLink is the way to go.

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What about this one, have you seen it? The HS100. Much cheaper than the HS110…

Or this, even cheaper:

Never mind, I found some info on the difference between the plugs. Looks like the HS100 is the only one that supports energy monitoring. Oh well.

Actually the 100 doesn’t support energy monitoring. Get the 110.

Sorry, typo. That’s what I meant. I just ordered the 110.


I thought about getting some of the P100 models just for reliable on/off switching, and maybe some HS110 for specific device power monitoring (as well as on/off control).

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