Smart Plug Recommendations

I have had Sense now for a week. I have searched this forum but I’m get buried and confused with outdated posts. What is the recommended smart plug today? I was also looking at the Power Strip HS300.
Thanks for your help!

Hey @Noncontest, welcome to the Sense community! Sense is currently only compatible with the TP-Link Kasa EP25, TP-Link Kasa KP-115, TP-Link Kasa KP-125, TP-Link Kasa HS300, and the Belkin Wemo Insight Plug. For more smart plug questions, see the FAQ here:

For energy monitoring, the Kasa smart plug KP125 is my preference. HS300 is also good if you need to monitor six items all physically located near each other. Keep in mind that there is a maximum count of 20 smart plugs, and the HS300 counts as six even if one or more of those six is not in use.

I will also summarize some of the other smart plugs you may have read about. KP115 is just as good as KP125 but costs slightly more and does not integrate with Apple Homekit. HS110 still functions but is no longer sold new. Wemo smart plugs have the disadvantage that they remain off following a power outage instead of returning to their previous state like the Kasa plugs.

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I appreciate the quick reply and setting me straight. I can make a more informed purchase now. I tip my hat to all that helped!

@Noncontest , I just noticed that the TP-Link Kasa EP25 has been added to the list of supported smartplugs. I have seen a couple users talking up these plugs because they were news and the most cost effective. I haven’t looked at pricing recently, though ?

I just ordered 4 of the KP125’s. 12.99 each at Best Buy. That seemed reasonable.

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@JuliaAtSense According to both the page you linked, other users and my own experience the Kasa EP25 and Kasa KP-125 are also compatible.

Additionally Sense partner Wiser has their own plug SQR621U1WHW which can integrate with Sense (in addition to 2 dimmers and a receptacle) but due to their numerous issues and lack of support by both Sense and Wiser I believe it’s correct to not list them as compatible.


Kasa 4 pack on sale today.

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