Amazon Prime Days Deal on Kasa Smart Plug Mini for $3.49 07/11/22

Amazon Prime Members,

Use the Amazon Shopping App voice recognition or Amazon Echo device to order.

Say “Alexa, order Kasa Smart Plug Mini”. She will put in cart and provide $19.50 discount at checkout for final price of 3.49.

One per member. If you have more than one person on your Amazon Prime Account, each person can buy 1. I was able to order one and my wife order one.

I was about to post the same thing.

Thank you

I got mine! :slight_smile:

I got mine too! :grin:

Also on sale at Best buy for $9.99

Used my wife’s account for a second one!

I don’t understand. Why are people excited about smart plugs that don’t track power usage and therefore don’t work properly with sense? What am I missing? I keep looking for deals on the KP115’s but I can never find them for less than $22 (besides one site on google that only ships to 3 states in the U.S. and nowhere else).

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The Kasa KP125 is a newer model of the KP115. Both do energy monitoring and work with Sense.

Are you sure ?

This is the datasheet:

It does not mention energy monitoring anywhere!

I already have several. They do have energy monitoring.

From Page 2, Left Side:

Where did you get that information from ?
Just posting a screenshot is not convincing to me.
I posted a link to the datasheet and it does not mention energy monitoring.
For that reason I can not be enthusiastic about the KP125.
Imo if the datasheet doesn’t mention it, it doesn’t have that feature.

UPDATE It does have energy monitoring.

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look at page 2 of the datasheet you posted. You missed it. My screenshot is from there.

And in this thread.

And this help article:

Is that enough?! :laughing:

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[find random excuse]
“clearly not enough coffee”

It does have energy monitoring and I was wrong.


I think the KP125 is pretty much the same as the KP115, except the KP125 includes Apple HomeKit capabilities (special authentication).

FYI. I don’t know if the original post was about the KASA EP25 so won’t assume it was that exact item BUT. I recently bought the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plug slim 4 pack (EP25P4) from Amazon. I found that they do in fact work with the Sense system. I got them on the chance they may work with Sense but I knew they would work with HomeKit so no big loss if they didn’t.
From everything I could find about them if they are in fact the same item as the KP125 but were relabeled for sale by Amazon as a four pack and called EP25P4
I know, relabeling sucks but many places seem to be doing that now and it makes it hard to know exactly what you’re buying.
Long story short if you are a Amazon shopper you can get a four pack for $44.99 and they will work with Sense


So is the bottom line, then, that the ones marketed as having “energy monitoring” simply have energy monitoring natively within the Kasa app, but ANY of them will work for Sense monitoring? I just spent about $45 on two KP115s, having intentionally bypassed the 4-pack of EP25s because I thought they wouldn’t work with Sense.

It’s kind of a bet on whether D-Link / Kasa decided to make changes to their well established protocol for data transfer and management. Glad someone has tested and things look compatible.

I wouldn’t go as far to say ANY may work with Sense. I just know the 4 pack of EP25 I got thru Amazon do work. And yes they did say they were energy monitoring. Nothing on the box says they are Sense compatible but nothing on the KP115 box does either. My thinking was if they didn’t work with sense I still had 4 smart plugs that do work with HomeKit.

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