EXPIRED: Today Only! Kasa Smart Plug KP115 with Energy Monitoring - $9.99 - Free shipping for Amazon Prime members - Limit 10

Sense KP115 - new on woot.com (Amazon owned)


$9.99 Extra 10% off (max $10) if purchased through Woot App which brings price down to $8.99 each!

Can sellout

Free shipping on Amazon Prime Account

Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring - $9.99 - Free shipping for Prime members Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring

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Yep I was coming to make sure this was shared! Great deal!

Thanks for the heads-up!

In for TEN! Order placed and confirmed!

Be careful to place your order correctly… You need to use your Amazon Prime login to get the free shipping (I used my Woot! login initially and had to cancel my order)… And THEN you need to be sure you place the order with the Woot! mobile app to secure the extra 10% (or $10 if you purchase the maximum 10 units)… My total shipped price was $98.10 after CA Sales Tax…

This will help me out a lot, since Sense device detection in my household has been pretty abysmal…

Great deal, I got a bunch of them!
Any concerns that the KP115 are getting a makeover or being discontinued? I think it is unusual to see an item like this on Woot!

That was my first thought as well, however I’ve purchased a number if items on Woot 1-2 years ago that are still are still around. I think it’s probably an overstock/inventory issue most likely. But I could easily be wrong.

Crap. I logged in with Prime but didn’t get the free shipping. I wonder what’s up with that. I figured Woot just didn’t honor free Prime shipping.

Contact them. They will refund.


Wowza… I ordered these devices yesterday morning and they arrived this afternoon… That’s crazy fast!!!

I already connected seven (7) of my ten (10)!!! Here is what I hooked up so far:

  1. MBR Air Purifier
  2. LR Air Purifier
  3. Clothes Washer
  4. Clothes Dryer
  5. Microwave Oven
  6. Wife’s Computer Desk (Connected to Power Strip with all her computing stuff)
  7. My Computer Desk (Connected to Power Strip with all my computing stuff)

I have three left… I am thinking about my MBR Entertainment and my LR Entertainment systems (both would be like my computer tracking…everything attached to the power strips, not any individual component). And maybe my refrigerator?

I might re-purpose the ones connected to my air purifiers… The energy consumed by them is pretty predictable, running 24x7x365… Maybe it’s a waste to use them there…


If they really are on 24x7, just add them as devices to the Always On and yes, move them elsewhere.

But then they show up in the dreaded other bubble.

Yeah… True… But putting a predictable low draw device that runs 24x7x365 in the “other” bubble so you can move the KP115 to track more strategic consumption is probably the right trade off…

Honestly, I didn’t realize I would love all of this device specific consumption visibility!!! My device detection was so poor that I really just shrugged my shoulders and dealt with the fact that I was never going to see the level of detail…

If this deal would come up again, I might convince myself to buy more… LOL…

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