KP115 on sale 10$

Woot has KP115 units on sale for $9.99.

Only Catch is you have to order them with the Woot app.


Nice…the last time Woot had this identical sale, I purchased the max of 10… Since then, I have added a few more at the $12.99 pricing… I think I have 13-15 of these now…

I need to check if I need more… This $9.99 pricing is hard to beat!

When people find these they should just buy them out and resell them here

@MikeekiM , Is this still available?

No… Actually, Woot! sold out after just a few hours… I’ve learned that often when you see these deals, even if there is an end date, you need to jump on the deal…cuz many times the inventory sells out before the end of the sale…

I purchased a few last year at various prices. Make me an offer.

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Not as great as woot but here TP-Link KP115 Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring – OhmConnect for 13.99

I got few from here so they are not fake

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How long was the shipping?

I think 3 days

Ok. I’m trying to order a few but the site is missing around

Works fine for me. Not sure why it’s not working for you

I’m at the page and paid via PayPal and then nothing happens.

I have reached out to them because I really want to take advantage of this deal!


It seems as if they dont ship to Florida.

I tried to pay via GPay since PayPal wasn’t working out and got a message that they cant ship to my address.

Really :pensive:

Do you live in Florida or the Carribean?

@Beachcomber , I live the Caribbean but stay in Florida most times.

They responded to me and told that they ship to Texas and New York. So is will have them ship to either locations since i have family in both.

Thanks for follow-up!


Best Buy has the KP125 on sale for $5 off at $12.99 each… If everyone thought $10 was a good bargain, I can’t believe you would let $3.00 stop you from grabbing a few at this price…

What is the difference between KP 125 and KP 115?

If I recall correctly, I think the KP125 supports Apple Homekit… Maybe?

Otherwise, they are identical…

Ok, so does that mean it won’t work on Android?

@kolia0255, no, the KP125 will work with Android, but it also has the extra authentication layer needed to add the smartplug into Apple HomeKit.