Kasa Smart Plug KP115 for $3.49 with Alexa (Limit 1)

“Alexa, order Kasa Smart Plug Mini”


Incredible find!!!
Just ordered both from 3 accounts.

How did you do that easily? It is a huge PITA to switch accounts on an Amazon Echo device…

Do you know an easy way…or did you basically jump through the required hoops to factory reset your device and re-register each time?

Update: I just ordered two with my two prime accounts… I have a 3rd account, but it is not linked to prime, so the shipping cost was $5.99 and I decided against it…

We have two accounts linked to our Alexa’s, so it’s as simple as saying “Alexa switch to ____'s account”, the 3rd being an unlinked Echo.
An easier way is to use the Alexa app on a PC, you can log in & out using another Amazon’s account E-mail. A few quick questions when setting up the app, but you can skip most of them.
You can sign up for the Prime trial for free shipping, just don’t forget to cancel it before it runs out. Our Prime accounts are all individual accounts but part of the same “household” account which I get free as part of my Cell plan.

Out of curiosity, which cell plan has Amazon Prime included🤷🏼‍♂️

A grandfathered Sprint family of employee’s plan. Same as their old Unlimited Premium but about 1/2 the cost. Also has a 100GB hotspot which is great at our camp. Holding on to the plan as long as we can. Since the merger everything is on T-mobiles network which I really can’t complain just about anything would have been an upgrade over Sprint’s.


FYI: This deal is still working.

Here’s another trick.
Say “Alexa add Kasa smart plug to my cart” then “Alexa add Costco smart bulb to my cart”, normally $14 something discounted to $.99. That bumps the total up to free shipping saving you even more.
$4.48 +tax for a KP115 plus a crappy Bluetooth light bulb is the deal of the year…

I already had a ton of Kasa plugs. The 3 we ordered were delivered today. With 2 more on the way thanks to someone who had a couple shipped to me.

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@obscuredtrip - That was an awesome tip… It amazes me that Amazon counts the pre-discounted pricing to determine free shipping… I just ordered my 3rd KP115!!!

I already have 13 of these things littered around my house… I am not really sure what else I need these 3 additional ones for…but I am sure I’ll find a use for them somewhere!

Thanks for the tip!

Update: By the way… What exactly is a good use-case for these bluetooth smart bulbs that change colors? I never find myself in a situation where I am thinking to myself, “gee, it would be great to have a red light right about now…”

I don’t know anything about these lights in particular, but I have a few outdoor-rated color-changing lights that I use for festive purposes (orange for Halloween/trick-or-treating time, etc.)

Good question… We save money buy buying them so we’ll figure something out. lol
There are a lot of things you can do with Home Assistant an WiFi bulbs. Not sure about Bluetooth.
I had planned on using them as a simple on/off Alexa controlled white light. I’m thinking outdoor wall sconces you could change the color for the season/holiday. Or a novelty item for a kid’s room.