HS300 Power Strip on Prime Day sale

Amazon’s Prime Day sale has the Kasa HS300 power strip that works with Sense on sale for $50 currently


man, that’s a steal. i should buy one, but i have a couple off the network at the moment. I prolly paid as low at $60 and as high as $80 for the ones i have.

It’s $49.99 if you have a Discover card and use reward points you get an extra 40% off (up to $40) So I’m buying 2 for $60.

Also if you have an Alexa you can get 1 KP115 for $7. Ask “Alexa what are my deals”.


Think I’m going to need a new/better router with all the smart home devices I’m going to be adding…

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I finally had to upgrade my home network to deal with 4 concurrent Zoom sessions and tons of IoT (internet of things) devices.

Thanks for the tip on the KP115. Wouldn’t have caught that!


lol, I’m using a Netgear R8000. It’s junk, great range but that’s about it. Along with an old switch, another router as an AP. Hardwired the AP, Security DVR, 4 pc’s, 2 tv’s. About 30 Wifi devices, mostly 2.4g smart devices. A Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with about a dozen or so sensors. Going to be adding the two HS300’s and KP115’s (used wife’s account to get the deal on a 2nd), as well as an irrigation controller. Using one of the (old) PC’s for a HA server, which I’m just starting to get the hang of. Have yet to set up custom dashboards, as I’m still working on getting the integrations set up.
Thankfully only 1-2 devices streaming at any one time, but as is I’m dropping connections.

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If anyone else in the house also has an account, use theirs to get another.