$7 KP115 ALEXA Prime day deal

$7 KP115 deal only through Alexa today. Can only buy one, amazon rebate will show in your cart. Ask “Alexa what are my deals” and have her put it in your cart.


I don’t have any Alexas, so I guess I can’t get this deal? Either that or I just flat out missed it because it shows as $22 even in my cart.

Correct, you can only get the deal through an Alexa device registered to you otherwise it is $22.99.

You have to ask the device “Alexa what are my deals” she will respond by telling you a deal, you respond by saying “next deal” or “add to my cart”. When you say add to my cart, she will add it to your cart with an Alexa only rebate. Most of the time she lists off completely irrelevant deals, so I don’t ask her often but when she responded with KP115 $7 after $15 rebate I immediately had her add it to my cart and tried to buy a bunch, but it’s only one per person/account.

I don’t think you can do it through the Alexa app, but it might be worth a try.
I should also add that for this deal you have to also be a prime member.

The HS300 is also on sale for $49.99. If you have a discover card you can get an additional 40% off up to $40 by using cashback bonus (reward points). Which made it $59.99 for 2 HS300’s. You do not need to have an Alexa for that deal buy you do need a Discover card attached to your payment options to see it.


This is awesome - thanks for sharing @obscuredtrip

FYI, I was able to download the Alexa iOS app and buy it that way.