Does Sense work with the TP-Link KP125?

Hello guys, anyone tried the new TP-Link Kasa KP125, this is supposed to be the first KASA device with native HomeKit support, wondering if it will integrate with Sense like the other KASA smart plugs.

Appreciate any comments.


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@jorge.salvatierra We’ve confirmed that this plug works out-of-the-box with the existing Kasa integration and will be updating our help resources this afternoon.


It does energy monitoring, so at least it could integrate with Sense in theory. Looks a lot like the KP115. I wonder if it keeps the old TP link protocols and adds HomeKit ?

Thats awesome, Thanks !!!

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Thanks! Was able to get these a lot cheaper at Best Buy vs the KP115’s…


That explains the blowout prices on the KP115