Kasa Integration, 2 days with no discovery

I have a number of HS105 (plus) and HS200 (switches) and Sense hasn’t identified any of them. When I turned on integration I received a message saying to expect the devices to show up in five-ten minutes. I’ve tried turning off the integration and turning it back up but that hasn’t helped.
Is there something I need to do on the Kasa side?
Thanks in advance.

Neither of this are supported TP-Link Kasa devices - neither has power monitoring capabilities. Only 3 power monitoring smart-plugs in the TP-Link Kasa line-up:

  1. HS110 - works today - discontinued but available at a steep price (below)
  2. HS300 - works today - 6 outlet strip
  3. KS115 - in FCC approval, hopefully works in the future

More on supported smart plugs below:

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Oh wow. I didn’t realize it was only the power monitoring devices that were supported. I thought it was any of the smart devices.

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I was wondering why none of my KASA devices have shown up. Not a single smart device actually. Thanks for the info. Hopefully that will come eventually. That will be about half of my house detected that day.