IOT Device compatibility list

It would be very useful to have a compatibility matrix for IOT devices that are able to be utilized by Sense. Customers could supply information about what IOT light bulbs and smart plugs they have tested and found compatible.

I am hesitant to buy smart plugs at this time. I can get better deals on Kasa HS100, 103, 105. The HS110 are a bit more expensive. I saw an post in here about HS110v1 vs. HS110v2. I also see suggestions that Kasa plugs will work, but the Connected Devices configuration screen specifies TP-Link HS110, and none of the Casa plugs for sale on Amazon show as HS110.

Good info on this in two places (rollout announcement and FAQ), but the bottom line is that only two flavors of smart plug integration today TP-Link HS110s and Wemo Insights, plus Hu e which is a different kind of integration. @RyanAtSense explains why these two smartplug models vs. the panoply of others available here:

“We know that these are not the only smart plugs on the market, but we chose to focus on them for a two main reasons: (1) they are both popular models in the market, and (2) they report not only on/off data but also wattage. If other smart plugs meet these criteria, we will consider adding support for them as well.”

From SmartPlug rollout announcement on the forum.

I think there is also a third criteria today as well - the smartplug must communicate via WiFi vs. Wave or Zigbee.

The HS110 is currently the only Kasa device that is compatible with Sense. You can find it on here on Amazon. Do not get the 100 or others as they do not include energy monitoring so they will be useless for Sense (this is also why they are cheaper)

Hope that helps.

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Thank you Frankwin, but clicking on your Amazon link illustrates my point. It lists an HS100. This link actually shows an HS110 model. If you have an HS100 device that integrates and provides wattage, I would like to be reassured of these facts before I buy one.

Oops. I fixed the link :slight_smile:

Sorry, HS100 is out - not supported… The HS110 is more expensive, precisely because it has built-in power measurement - more expensive chip inside that is actually used inside of some power meters.

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