Smart Plug TP-Link Kasa HS300

I purchased 2 KASA HS300 6 PLUG SMART DEVICES one week apart. The 1st installed perfectly. The 2nd was a problem, but I finally got it partially installed, except for it not integrating with the SENSE app. I tried uninstalling the 1st KASA strip and then reinstalling it hoping that both would pop up on SENSE, but the 2nd one never did. It is glowing white as is the original smart plug is still glowing white which they should both be doing indicating that they are both connected to my wifi network.

Any ideas why I might not be able to integrate the 2nd device? Any comments greatly appreciated.

Several possible reasons:

  • time - sometimes, I have seen it take a few hours for a Kasa smartplug to show up as Sense devices, while others show up not idea why. Have some patience.
  • network - Sense uses a subnet broadcast to identify and collect data from all smartplugs. If you have multiple access points in your house (mesh or wired) or multiple networks/subnets (i.e. main and guest), your network might not be forwarding the broadcast to all parts of your home. There might also be an issue if the WiFi signal to one or more of your smartplugs is weak.
  • firmware - if you are in the US, make sure you have the most up-to-date firmware via the Kasa app. If you are not in the US, then then the newest firmware might cause problems - Don’t update.

More on my second bullet.

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The fastest way I found to ‘force’ detection, is to disable then enable TP-Link integration in the settings, within few minutes. You may lose some ‘history’ though.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it did not work for me.