HS300's are N/A

I have 2 Kasa HS-300 smart plug strips. I also have 8 additional Kasa TP-115’s for a total of 20 devices. Whereas for months everything was OK in Sense, both HS-300’s are now disaying n/a. The Kasa app shows them correctly. How do I get them back online?

I had a couple of HS-300s drop out on me in Jan. A 1 minute power cycle of my Sense monitor brought them back.

But I have seen other cases where a cycling of the HS-300 fixed the n/a’s

What is the firmware version? I have been meaning to upgrade mine for weeks but they power the router and I need to keep it up most of the time.

I had a similar problem yesterday. I have 3 HS-300s.I inadvertently shut off my cable modem and router (don’t ask, it was stupid). When they came back up, Kasa showed everything working but Sense showed them as N/A (I think that’s what it said).

I ended up disabling the integration to TP-Link, then enabling it again. Everything came back at that point.


For those experiencing similar problems with KASA plugs reporting as N/A in the Sense app, re-enabling the integration is often a good place to start.

And, how is that dune? What instructions I can find don’t work.

@andy If you’re asking about how to re-enable the Kasa integration:

In the app, go to Settings/ My Home/ Connected Devices/ Scroll to Integrations and tap the one that you have enabled. Then tap “Disable” and then re-enable it.

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Hmmm, I did that and it didn’t work.

I do not have HS300’s, I have both types of singles. I will try swapping out the - for a new one and see if that fixes things