Support for Kasa's new kp125mp?

Will or does Sense already support Kasa’s new Matter compatible plug KP125MP?

The description sounds like it’s a standard KP125 with Matter capability added in.

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They aren’t showing up on my Sense device list, I just put in troubleshooting ticket before coming over to the forums. [P87LL8-LM75L]

@kb1ibt ,
Thanks for sharing early testing experience. Assuming you have other older power monitoring models that are working just fine (KP115, KP125 non-Matter, EP25, HS300) ?

I guess the real question is whether the new KP125 remains backwards compatible with earlier models’ ancient, but somewhat documented API.

Correct, I have 6 HS300, 8 EP25, 1 KP115, and a handful of KP125 (non-Matter) and all of them work just fine.

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Guess I’ll hold off on getting any until they’re supported.

Any update on this, I ordered the KP125M thinking that it was natively supported but I can’t get my sense to find it.