Support for Kasa's new kp125mp?

Will or does Sense already support Kasa’s new Matter compatible plug KP125MP?

The description sounds like it’s a standard KP125 with Matter capability added in.

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They aren’t showing up on my Sense device list, I just put in troubleshooting ticket before coming over to the forums. [P87LL8-LM75L]

@kb1ibt ,
Thanks for sharing early testing experience. Assuming you have other older power monitoring models that are working just fine (KP115, KP125 non-Matter, EP25, HS300) ?

I guess the real question is whether the new KP125 remains backwards compatible with earlier models’ ancient, but somewhat documented API.

Correct, I have 6 HS300, 8 EP25, 1 KP115, and a handful of KP125 (non-Matter) and all of them work just fine.

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Guess I’ll hold off on getting any until they’re supported.

Any update on this, I ordered the KP125M thinking that it was natively supported but I can’t get my sense to find it.

I would be interested in an “official” answer here as well.

From the investigation I’ve done, this plug does not have any local network support for energy monitoring. The Matter protocol does not (as of now) have affordances for the energy monitoring use case, it can only share/control the on/off state. All of the energy usage metrics seem to be cloud-only through TP-Link’s web services. Notably, the python-kasa project is unable to connect to this new plug using the old API.

Thanks for sharing your discoveries so far. Not an official answer, but if the KP125MP doesn’t respond to emeter broadcasts, then it isn’t going to work with the current Kasa integration. Sense does have some integrations that work with cloud-based data, the Ecobee historic and Wiser integrations.

For now, I would keep acquiring Kasa EP25s for use with Sense.

The emeter broadcasts look something like this:



But would this ever be solved? Even its if means to connect to Kasa cloud calculations

Interesting that the Matter compatible plugs are supposed to support local control and still do, but they no longer support other services. Seems a bit backwards to me…

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I am fairly new to Sense and I am also having trouble getting my KP125M to work with Sense… Guess is not supported. Worst yet, I can’t seem to be able to find the non-Matter version in Amazon Canada…

Yup, the regular KP125 works just fine, but the new Matter devices, the KP125M and EP25 v2.6 hardware, only support Matter and are NOT backward compatible with the traditional Kasa protocol. When Kasa has transitioned products in the past and discontinued some that were compatible with Sense, like the HS110, Canada was the first to feel the squeeze because there was far less inventory in the channel, there. All I can suggest is look hard and read carefully. Maybe look on eBay. You might have to pay more for 1 packs of KP115s or non-Matter KP125s if you really want a Sense-compatible plug right now. And if you need multiple outputs, the HS300 is still a good way to go.

How about the small Kasa power bar (KP303)? Will it work with Sense?

They still sell this one in Canada

Nope, the KP303 doesn’t do energy monitoring. HS300 does. Right now the list of buyable Sense-compatible Kasa plugs is done to KP115s, KP125s (NOT KP125Ms), and HS300s. I’m sure that there are some compatible EP25s still available (non v2.6), but Kasa doesn’t differentiate in package so you don’t what you are getting.

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