Which EP25 KASA Smart plugs to buy

Hi all.
I noticed that Sense supports KASA EP25 plugs. When clicking on the link from the Sesnse app it takes you to this set https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B14C719T/ref=twister_B0B3CQH3T9?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1. However there is also a cheaper set in the same link.

I bought the cheaper one, but it seems like Sense does not detect them. Did I needed to buy the Apple one or the cheaper one should work also?

Beware of Amazon. The Cheaper Non-Apple ones are NOT EP25s. They are HS103P4s, which do NOT monitor power and are therefore NOT compatible with Sense.

This selection:

Takes you to here:

So, I needed to buy the Apple HomeKit version, correct?

Yes - but more importantly, you have to buy EP25s, the Sense-supported/tested model, and not HS103Ps. The Apple HomeKit compatibility is just one difference between the two.

ps: Amazon has a habit of screwing over Sense users. It recommends the KP303 (3 outlet / no power monitoring) as a newer model of the HS300 (6 outlet / power monitoring).

And Amazon used to offer non-compatible HS100s as options for Sense-compatible HS110s.

OK, can you provide the link to EP25s, because Sense link sends you to the wrong one.

The Sense link you shared works and takes me to the correct link for the compatible EP25-4P (a packaged set of 4 EP25s) for $44.99.

The problem happens when users clicks on the cheaper Non-Apple one at $29.99. That leads to here, the NON-compatible HS103-P4:

So use the top link and pay $44.99

Thank you. I see the model number on the box.

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