Kasa kp303(uk)

Hi, I bought KASA HS300 UK version and unfortunately is not being detected by Sense.

I would like to know if this device is indeed compatible?

Thanks in advance.

The HS300 is fully compatible with Sense - I use 3 of them. But I was looking the other day, when I answered your earlier post, and I didn’t see a UK or European version of the HS300. The KP303 is a very different product both in the US and UK.

  • 3 outlets vs 6
  • From what I can see, the HS300 is a 120-only device.

You might need to use one of the compatible model single outlet power-sensing plugs like these (KP115 is supported by Sense in US), used with an outlet strip. Not quite as useful.

This model is also energy monitoring but the model number doesn’t exactly match up with any of the Sense tested models (Sense does support HS110s).You might need to buy and try.

Hi Kevin, thanks so much for your support. Indeed I bough a KP115 and it is working fine. But … I though KP303 was the UK version of KS300 (my mistake).

Just an additional quick question… do you know if there is any plan to support other Smart plugs brands in the future (like Eve for example)?

Thanks so much in advance.

@arlequin71 , delighted that you have your KP115 working at 240V. Did you get a UK or Euro version ? I think Chile uses the Euro style C and L plugs ?

The Wiser family of smart plugs and smart switches is also supported by Sense via the Wiser Integration integration visible in the Integrations part of Settings > Connected Devices in the App. The good news is that the Wiser products include smart plugs, light switches (including 3 way capable) plus dimmers. The bad news is that the Wiser device / Wiser integration combo still has a lot of rough edges (loss of connectivity, huge non-real power spikes), that Sense and Wiser are still working on. Wiser / Square D is a large international company that is part of even larger Schneider Electric, but I don’t know very much about their products outside of North America.

It is UK version, we use C and L, so i had to include a couple of adaptors as shown in the attached image.

I’ll take a look to Wiser devices. Thanks Kevin for your help.

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