TP-Link KP303 supported?

I got a coupon for a HS303, 3 plug version of the HS300. I was curious if these were compatible with sense because for half the prixe, i could use a 3 port one rather than 6 ports in some areas.

I kinda bit the bullet and have installed a bunch of theae and HS110s… They get rather costly

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I got the same offer. When I looked, the Amazon specs didn’t mention “power monitoring” so that makes the HS303 a non-starter for Sense integration, unless someone has alternate details.

Could you guys provide a link by chance? All I’m seeing is the KP303, which is Australian.

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Thanks. Looking further into it, but if it doesn’t offer energy monitoring, then we’d be unable to pull ground truth consumption data from it.

Not so “smart” IMHO that they make another one without energy monitoring. Sigh.

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Wow I didn’t even catch that it was a KP vs HS and totally missed that it doesn’t monitor energy.

I got caught up in deal, nevermind, I’ll stick with the HS300’s. They really are nice units.