Please add support for the TP-Link KP303 smart Power Strip. It’s similar to the HS300’s accept it has 3 outlets instead of 6 and is for 240V EU power standards. I have three of these power strips and would like to use them with Sense and would be willing to Beta test if needed.

It won’t happen. It can’t happen.

Neither us US or EU version of the KP303 support energy monitoring. The strips lack the physical hardware.


:man_facepalming: I thought these had energy monitoring. Well I guess i’ll just use them to control things.

The KP303 doesn’t do energy monitoring. This has come up as an issue with other international (UK) users because the HS300, which does do energy monitoring and works with Sense, is not offered in all global markets.

ps: Sometimes Amazon “scams” folks in non-US markets by offering the KP303 when users ask for the HS300.

I read the reviews and a couple reviewers stated that they loved the energy monitoring function so I assumed and was wrong. I also ordered a KP115 and that is supposed to arrive today. If that works and works with Sense then I will order more.

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