Kasa HS-110 being discontinued, what's next?

I decided to perform a hard reset to see if I could improve detection after two years of use. Reading on the forums I decided to invest in some smart plugs in hopes it will help detect hi use appliances like my refrigerator which it was never able to pick out for some reason. When I look online I see almost no smart plugs available for purchase or double the price on eBay. Are these plugs being discontinued? His sense going to support a different plug?

Hi @noel.hastings. It does look like the HS110 is being sunsetted. We’re looking into potential options for a smart plug replacement, but don’t have anything to announce at the time. If you’re looking for a smart plug solution for entertainment centers or groupings of smaller devices, I really love my HS300s that I’m using with the TP-Link integration. Highly recommend them.


The Community, and my guess Sense, is waiting with bated breath for the twisted-pair Merchants of Shenzhen to bang out the KP115.

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Does the HS300 monitor energy for each individual outlet? So I could plug a fridge and a freezer into one?

I just chatted with an agent from TP-Link who assures me this is NOT being discontinued, but the retailers all seem to think it is. And I couldn’t find any from the three retailers I’d previously purchased thru. So, these folks don’t seem to be able to get their story straight.

Too bad, because the HS110 almost made (at a co$t) Sense useful….just needed a 220v US version of it with wire in.

Yes - each HS300 outlet is separately monitored.

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HS300 is rated up to 15 amps, so check your fridge and freezer manual or search online. My fridge is currently on a 20 amp breaker.

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Are you looking at the label on the plug for your fridge and it actually says 20 amps? You have a 20 amp outlet in your house??

Or do you mean breaker? Cause you want a 20 amp breaker to protect a 15 amp circuit. Just like you want a 50 amp breaker to protect a 40 amp circuit.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! 20 amp breakers are intended for heavier wire (12 gauge, not 14) and heavier outlets. 15 amp breakers must be used on 15 amp rated circuits.

Similarly for higher amperage circuits…wiring and breakers must match.

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Where are you getting this info? Do you have 20 amp breakers in your panel? Are all your outlets 20 amp with the special key or do they just have the two vertical slits to plug into? My panel has 20 amp breakers, doesn’t have any tiny 14 gauge wire in it, but none of my outlets have the special 20 amp key plugs on them.

So, you do have 20 amp circuits. That’s contrary to your statement that 20 amp breakers get used for 15 amp circuits. It is true that 20 amp circuits can be used for anything up to 20 amps, including 15 amp loads, 10 amp loads, 1 amp loads, etc. But it is the case that 20 amp breakers require 12 (or even 10) gauge wiring and if properly installed should have 20 amp outlets.

My house (built 10 years ago and up to electrical code at the time) has a mix of 15 amp circuits and 20 amp circuits and the outlets are also different for the 20 amp circuits…see https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=20+amp+outlets+vs+15+amp+outlets among hundreds of other sites. Devices with 20 amp plugs can’t be plugged into 15 amp outlets…they don’t fit, and would overload the wiring regardless of the breakers.

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Any update on a replacement for the HS-110?

I keep watching for the launch of the Kasa KP115. Seems to be making its way to market.

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On what basis do we think that product will integrate with Sense in the same manner as the HS110?

On the basis that it uses the same Kasa app (shown in the manual), which highly likely means it uses the same protocol/API as all the rest of the Kasa smart devices.
More info here:

And, of course, I certainly want the new Kasa outlet to work with Sense. I have two HS110 plugs and they have worked great for tracking the energy use of a plug-in dehumidifier.

I see the HS100 mentioned as well in the header you posted but it does not measure energy consumption. Keep in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about!

Has anyone tried these with Sense?


HS100 is a remote control outlet, but provides no monitoring. Only the HS110 outlet and the HS300 strip do that.

As new devices come on the market (from TP-Link or others), an excellent question is whether Sense will support them. The other BIG question is when there will be a 240v monitoring device available in the US market…particularly because Sens seems to have such trouble with 240v devices.

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As @andy suggests, the HS100 doesn’t include power monitoring (measuring) hardware. The KP115 includes power monitoring according to the manual. The smart plugs you linked to don’t talk the Kasa TP-link dialect.

Have you heard anything new regarding the KP115? I can’t seem to find an approximate release date or pricing anywhere. Looks like FCC approval has been granted.

Has the Sense team announced support for this new KP115 model? Or at least a desire to support it pending further information from TP-Link/Kasa?

Hey @matthew_lasorsa. The product team is aware of this, but there’s limited information out right now. The FCC approval is the only update we’ve seen so far.