Where to buy the HS110 smart plug? Has it been discontinued?

I cannot find the so-called TP-Link HS110 products on sale from reputable sources. Amazon says they are out of stock (I don’t consider buying from 3rd-party sellers to be ‘in-stock’), Walmart says the same, Best Buy doesn’t even have it (they have the HS110 which doesn’t have energy monitoring) and then BH Photo&Video store has the 2-pack at double the price it was from a couple months ago (it was on sale at $23 sometime earlier this year and now it’s $50?). Based on recent Amazon 1-star reviews, looks like some people have had fire or shorting issues with it and there’s no information on the official TP-Link website on where I can buy it, let alone whether it’s still being manufactured or not. Has it been recalled or discontinued? Do you have recommendations on where to buy these?

Try NewEgg - 22$


Or WalMart (only 1 left) - 5000$

Who knows WTF is up with WalMart ??

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Walmart always has them for $15.99
Until today

Thanks everyone for the replies. I appreciate Kevin’s post since it sarcastically represented the issue - that I couldn’t find it anywhere in stock. I’m still concerned about the fact that is no longer in stock from major retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Bestbuy) but I’ll give Newegg a shot. If anyone has heard of any sort of recall or discontinued-status from the manufacturer that I’m not aware of, please let us know.

They may be in transition from V1s to V2s… The inventory for the V1s is nearly exhausted and the pipeline for V2’s is running a bit slow so retailers have upped the price.

ps: I couldn’t believe the WalMart price for that V1, but that’s representative of what happens when algorithms based on inventory scarcity control pricing.

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Looks like the V2 are out of stock, but others are in stock. So much for my theory:

B&H has the HS300 strips in stock for 25% off right now…

They are back on Walmart but sold by another party for $21.98
And Amazon for $19.99

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