TP-Link HS110 2-packs on sale at W00t for $32.99


Thank you ordered 2 packs.

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Of course I ordered a 2-pack off eBay last week for $50. Ugh.

sweet, 3 ordered, I ordered 3 a few months ago and this is a great deal

Ordered 4, now I am maxed out. :smiley: Thanks much!

Got mine today. They weren’t kidding when they said open box. One of the 2 packs was in a plastic bag. The other 2 were in a ripped open box that was taped up. The 2 in the bag were still paired to someone else’s WiFi network.

I’ve been testing all 4 for an hour now and all are reporting properly with no issues so far.


Received mine yesterday, sadly all of them are used HS100 :frowning:

that sucks… used HS110’s that work would be ok, but not the wrong model or unworking