TP-Link HS110 2-packs on sale at W00t for $32.99


Thank you ordered 2 packs.

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Of course I ordered a 2-pack off eBay last week for $50. Ugh.

sweet, 3 ordered, I ordered 3 a few months ago and this is a great deal

Ordered 4, now I am maxed out. :smiley: Thanks much!

Got mine today. They weren’t kidding when they said open box. One of the 2 packs was in a plastic bag. The other 2 were in a ripped open box that was taped up. The 2 in the bag were still paired to someone else’s WiFi network.

I’ve been testing all 4 for an hour now and all are reporting properly with no issues so far.


Received mine yesterday, sadly all of them are used HS100 :frowning:

that sucks… used HS110’s that work would be ok, but not the wrong model or unworking

I got mine today and all 6 of mine are HS100’s and not 110’s, worthless

Wondering if these guys have real HS110s in stock.

Will see…I just ordered 5. Thanks for the link! Woot had no 110s to replace HS100s they sent to me so I had to return it for a refund


Please let us know if you receive them from 123securityproducts, what version they are, and whether they’re new/open box/etc.

I bought some 2 packs from Fry’s Electronics on clearance a few weeks ago. I have a feeling someone from one store realized their value, cancelled my order and sent an e-mail saying that they tested the devices and all 4 were defective. These were supposed to be new items, not used or returns. I find it hard to believe that they tested them and found all 4 to be defective. The ones I did receive for another one of their stores were new and unopened. They since jacked up the price. A 1 pack is now $40 and a 2 pack went to $75 and is now sold out.

Pending fulfillment … not sure if I will get any :frowning:

Last week I saw this 2 pack of HS110’s pop up on Amazon for $69.99 and ended up taking a shot at it.
Based on the newer “tp-link” logo shown in the product image, they seemed to be the v2 although none of the images show a USB port (based on what I’ve read, the USB port is the notable difference between v1 & v2… not sure if any v1’s were released with the newer tp-link logo). The ad did label them as new.

The ship by date was originally around the end of July. On Friday I ended up getting an email from Amazon saying it had been updated. Surprisingly they pulled it in (when I first saw the message I assumed they were pushing it out) and they were delivered over the weekend. When they arrived one of the packages was for a v1 and the other for a v2. Both of the packages seem to have been previously opened. Per the labels on the parts themselves, in the end I received one HS110 v1.2 (in the v1 package) and one HS100 v1 (in the packaging for an HS110 v2). The HS110 I did receive does appear to be very lightly used (still has the protective film on the front but some light scratches from someone with bad aim inserting a plug). The HS100 however is definitely used, and obviously of no use to me in terms of adding value to my Sense setup.

The Amazon page now lists as ‘currently unavailable’ but I still figured I’d report back here to make sure others check what they actually receive. It feels like this could become more common as us late adopters scrape the bottom of the barrel for remaining HS110 plugs. I’m hoping to work out a deal to return just the HS100 and keep the one HS110 I did receive for a fair price. Fingers crossed…

My order with got cancelled/refunded after 10 days :frowning:

My woot order of 2 2-packs was fulfilled 2 weeks ago, with 1 pair being HS110s in a damaged box (though they work fine) and the other pair being HS100s delivered in just a bubble wrap envelope, with the prongs on one bent nearly 45 degrees. Woot has been terrible to work with to get a refund or return the incorrect pair…won’t ever be using woot again.

Amazon has really spoiled me for what e-commerce should look like…I was hoping their woot would be similar…woot is bad.

Mine got canceled yesterday as well

Amazon/3rd party has HS110s for 22.99 in used-like new condition, I am ordering it again…

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